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The 2024 Wellsboro Comic Con is a FREE event!  You will NOT need a ticket to enter any of the comic con venues or participate in the free activities, panels, and events at the con.

If you are looking for a premier comic con experience, check out our VIP package:

VIP Ticket: $50

All VIP Tickets Include:

  • VIP Lounge on site with snacks and drinks provided

  • Pop's Drawstring Bag for Merch

  • 20% off coupon to use at the official Wellsboro Comic Con Merch booth

All VIPs Choose Three of the Following:

  • Reserved Parking within one block of Deane Center

  • Vendor Scavenger Hunt “Cheat Code”

  • Discounted sketches from select guests

  • Discounted lunch items at select local restaurants

  • Discounted CGC Services

  • Discounted ticket to see Hamilton-Gibson’s “Puffs,” (while supplies last)

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