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Adam Gorham 

Artist and writer for Darth Vader, Godzilla, Hulk, Black Panther, TMNT, Rocket, Pop's Choclit Shoppe of Horror, Savage Avengers, Venomverse, and more!

A Kid and A Comic

A Newspaper entirely of comic strips, games, puzzles, and more

Alex Segura

Author, "Secret Identity," comic book credits: The Black Ghost, The Archies, The Dusk, & stories featuring Marvel and DC Heroes.

AleximusPrime’s Art

Prints of various cartoon and video game characters.

Alpha Omega Certification Services

CGC certifications and signature witness for comics, Pokémon, sports, and other trading cards.

Amazon Phenomenon

Cosplay She-Hulk and Lady Loki.

Amber Skye Chainmaille

Chainmaille artisan specializing in handcrafted jewelry using traditional medieval practices.

A Swan Named Emily

Original stickers and prints, custom illustrated commissions. 

Bakery 303

Baker specializing in cake pops and pound cakes

Bill Anderson

Inking for Marvel (Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Cosmic Powers, Uncanny Origins); DC (Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, Batman and the Outsiders); and more!

Bill's Bullpen

Specializing in sports cards, trading cards, comics and collectibles. dragons and toys.

Brandon T. Snider

Author, The Dark Knight Manual, Avengers: Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest Series, Rube Goldberg and his Amazing Machines.

Brian Keene

World Horror Grandmaster and Bram Stoker Award winning author, credits on Doctor Who, Hellboy, Alien, X-Files, and more.

Brian Middleton

Creator, artist and writer for the comics books Poiko: Quests and Stuff (published by Vault/Wonderbound) and Wulfborne (published by Scout Comics).

Bruce Wechtenhiser

Spider Man super-fan, collector, and presenter with over 50 years collecting stories and memorabilia relating to Spider Man.

Cam & Ivy

Handmade crafts including drawstring bags, zipper pouches, key fobs, scrunchies, and more!


Christine A. Moore, designer and owner of Christine A. Moore Millinery has been creating hats professionally for over twenty-five years.  

Charlie Schlatter

Actor, Diagnosis: Murder, 18 Again, Ferris Bueller (TV Series). Voice Actor for characters including Lego Robin and Flash, and many more!

Corning Comics & Collectibles

A comic book store located in Corning, NY that specializes in graded key comics.

Creepy Creations

Author and zombie dolls


Chris Ring

“Seamus the Famous” author and artist, CarbonKnight comic, graphic artist and commercial illustrator. 


Geeky crossstitches, crossstitch pins, prints, buttons, charms, bookmarks, etc.

DandoisLion DeLights

Hand crocheted hats, dolls, and more. 

Darren Auck

Marvel Art Director, working with famous characters like The Avengers, Spider-Man and She-Hulk

Desks and Dorks

A Board Game Design and Creation Podcast- Shaped by YOU!

DPH Games

Game Designer/Owner of DPH Games, Dan Hundycz, will feature the full line of games from DPH Games at his booth.


Dragon by the Sea

Jewelry and other chainmaille creations including tapestries and dice bags.

The Dragon's Spark

Handmade clay creations, paintings, and photography

Emily Flake

New Yorker Cartoonist and humor writer, MAD Magazine, Author, stand-up comedian, and more!

Fat Cat Comics

The oldest super-hero, science-fiction, fantasy, and gaming comic shop in the Binghamton, NY area.


Illustrator inspired by horror, comic books, and the natural world.

Green Dragon Comics

Comic books vendor. 

Heart Dog Delectables

Heart Dog Delectables offers a variety of flavored, healthy homemade, hand decorated all natural dog treats.

Henna Tattoos & Body Art

Freehand henna tattoo designs, face painting, and face/body glitter by Kathleen and Brailee

Heroes Your Mom Threw Out

Heroes Comic Shop carries all of your favorite books. From Action Comics to The Walking Dead. All ages favorites like My Little Pony and Spongebob.

Hilary Campbell Fitzgerald

Brooklyn based cartoonist, filmmaker, and comedian

Hive Head Studios

Creator of the brand new comic "Lycan: Solomon's Odyssey" a comic about the very first werewolf.

Home by Midnight Games

We create mini-adventure boxes for in-person D&D 5e and Pathfinder games, to span the gap between full campaigns and one-shots.

Jason Lenox

Artist and creator of comic books, coloring books, and more on themes of 80’s sci fi, the Occult, Lovecraft, Mythology and Dystopian Worlds 


Jim8Ball Designs

Step right up to everything Halloween! 

JJL Collectibles

Graded comic books along with plenty of other comics.


J.M. Desantis

Writer and artist (Write-ist™), and creator of the dark fantasy comic series, Chadhiyana. Author of short stories, books, comics, and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror, and humour genres.

Joe Orsak

Artist - sports comics on Mickey Mantle, Brooks Robinson, and Duke Snider. Illustrations in “The Wrong Earth, Planet of the Nerds, and more!

Joe St. Pierre

Art credits: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Venom, Green Lantern, Batman, Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite. Creator of Bold Blood, Megahurtz, and More!

John Shablesky

Publishing/Market Development Consultant


Jules A.W. Illustration

Prints of original artwork and fan art

Kaylor's Krypt

Prints of original art (mostly horror/gothic), jewelry, oddities.  I frame insects, make dolls with taxidermied heads, and make jewelry out of bones/wings. 

Keith Haugen Art Studios

2D comic artist with a number of independent publisher project credits. Currently working for FantaCo Publications.

Kevin McCloskey

TOON Books, art, and racing worms.

Khoi Pham

Artist and mentor - credits include DC’s Teen Titans, Marvel’s Mighty Avengers, X-Men Legacy, Deadpool, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Chaos War and more!

Mark Boyce

Personal collection of thousands of Silver Age to Modern Comics, and comic-related collectibles

Larry Doyle

Simpsons Writer and Producer, Award-Winning Author of “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” humor writer, and more.

LudoSport - Center in the Heights

LudoSport, the sport with the light saber.

Matt Flint

Published comic book artist. Main pencils and inks of Quintara Stone #3 through Keenspot. Prints of known characters and original creations.

Mary Sangiovanni

Award-winning horror and thriller writer of more than a dozen novels including Thrall, Chaos, and the Hollower trilogy, plus short fiction and comics.

Meta Dreams, LLC

Game designer of MetaCheckers and Puzzle Board Chess

Moon Beans Studio

Lover of tabletop art/spooky goods/ and doodles of animals.

Mountain Rogues

Period games in wood, fabric and paper; fabric covered Faire Lyric Books; Dice bags & pouches

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland

Tabletop RPG that builds off the "BX" rules.  Half medieval fantasy, half sci-fi; a no-holds-barred to the max game!

New Pod City

Stunt actor and podcaster Frank Sasso brings Batman and more to Wellsboro Comic Con. His company, New Pod City, is for all things podcast-related. New Pod City will advise you & set you up with the right equipment, training, & guidance to ensure your show sounds amazing!

Parker Hurley

Human Heroes creator and contestant on the most recent season of American Ninja Warrior

Patrick Thomas

Author of Cthulhu and YA books, movies, etc.

Project VR Escape Rooms

Virtual Reality Escape Room

Race to Stupid Games

Family Friendly Games for all ages!

Schmoodles Doodles

Watercolor, gouache, polymer clay, and digital artist

Skjaldborg Artisans

Artisan making & selling authentic looking, battle ready Viking shields, leather armor, bracers, medieval fantasy LARP accessories, & more. 

StacyKay's Cafe

Great Gluten Free Food

Stitches Pins

Stickers, pins, magnets, and keychains based on video games and anime (i.e. World of Warcraft, Pokemon, One Piece, and more). 

Teddymuff's Designs

Art featuring video game inspired fan-art and also original designs, made into keychains, stickers, pins, stationary, washi, prints and more.

This1Guy Studios

Posters of your favorite star wars, anime, and super heroes.

Thomas Ask

Author, Prop building, and Game design

Two Bent Staples

Comic Book Vendor

Undisputed Comics King

Comic Book Vendor

Wandering Barista

A Coffee Shop on Wheels!

Water of Whimsy

Watercolor illustrations and art products inspired by folklore, mythology, and golden age illustrators.

Zack Hammond

Nationally Touring Comedian

21st Century Sandshark Studios

The art, comics, opinions, writings and other musings of Daniel R. Nokes.

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